vyhlidkovy let Pardubice

Sightseeing flights are provided through the whole year in suitable weather conditions at the...

Vychodocesky aeroklub Pardubice is located on the slope of the Zelezne hory Mountains at the...

Great geographical position allows airfield Podhorany with right wind direction and speed use...

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Aero tow takeoff to altitude 500 meters above aground level. Free soaring with possibility to...


Four seat sport aircraft Zlin 43

Cruising speed: 140 km/h

Basic sightseeing...


A hot air balloon can only launch in good weather conditions and wind speed less than 4 meters...


Cruising speed: 140 km/h

Range: 600 km

Altitude of the sightseeing flight: 150 to...

Company flight events and teambuilding events

Every year we organize flight events for all sorts of companies as a treat for their employees and customers. As a meeting room is used our large hangar. Refreshment and catering can be provided in enclosed runway area (sheltered under a marquee) to your specification. In addition of aeronautical events we arrange ground events such as music, kinds entertainment etc. Which can make a perfect family weekend.

We can offer:

Sightseeing flight in a helicopter Robinson - 44

Nabízíme vyhlídkový let čtyřmístným vrtulníkem Robinson R-44.

Sightseeing flight with glider L-13 Blanik

Aero tow takeoff to altitude 500 meters above aground level. Free soaring with possibility to climb greater heights.

300 CZK for 4-5 minute flight - In case of the winch takeoff (altitude 300meter AGL)

Sightseeing flight in motor glider L-13 SE VIVAT

Cruising speed: 120 km/h

Range: 575 km

Altitude of the sightseeing flight: 150 to 300 meters above ground level

Basic circuit: Podhorany – remains of castle Lichnice - Kraskov - Prachovice – dam Sec - Parízov – castle Zleby - Podhorany




Podhorany airfield

Nový Dvůr 137
538 03 Podhořany u Ronova


49°56'21"N ; 015°32'59"E



Call us+420 469 691 714

Mobile: +420 603 404 703

Email: info@letistepodhorany.cz



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