Motor hang glider licence

Pilot training for two seat motor hang glider is among the most affordable way of flaying. The course is led by very experienced instructor Mr. Jan Hajek with many flight hours on these type machines. He’s a member of the Czech National Team and competitor of World Cup 2007. Based in AK Podhorany where great weather conditions and facilities are. Thanks very individual approach it’s possible to arranged moving the course to your nearest airfield for your convenience.

What is required?

  • You must be 15 years or older. All students under 18 years must provide covering letter sign by parents or legal representative.
  • Medical exam done by a local medical practice approved by AME

The first part of the training is 42 hours theory course under curriculum UL-3 specified by LAA CR. Then you are ready for more enjoyable practical part.

Practical training

Before beginning practical course you will familiarize with the motor hang glider that will be used for your training. After a ‘dry run’ training designed to learn position of controls and avionics you will be taken for your first familiarization flight. During the flight you’ll learn about 3D space orientation and will be shown how to control the hang glider there. The instructor will explain the rules of operation on the aerodrome. Practical training is conducted under UL-3 curriculum and includes 95 take offs and 18 flight hours. The curriculum sets minimum of flying hours required but it’s up to the student abilities how many hours is in fact needed to master all skills. It’s up to the instructor to decide when you are ready to move to the next level. At the end of the course when theory and practice is managed the student will take the final pilot exam. When the pilot license is issued you are full hang glider pilot ready to fly solo.

Cost and length of the course

As this course is conducted very individually you can choose whether you want to go for a weekend option or intensive shorter way.
Total cost of the course starts from 35 000 CZK including theory.




Podhorany airfield

Nový Dvůr 137
538 03 Podhořany u Ronova


49°56'21"N ; 015°32'59"E



Call us+420 469 691 714

Mobile: +420 603 404 703


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